About Us

Our business focus, values and approach to corporate governance

Our accommodation solutions

focus equally on your strategic priorities and the wellbeing of your people

- as we know one cannot succeed without the other.

Our proven track record will help you achieve your strategic objectives, improve your core business focus and achieve capital efficiency.

ARG Value Add

The ARG value proposition aligns to the strategic objectives of our industry and government counterparts by delivering capital efficiency, bringing innovation and value add as a specialist operator and creating a collaborative operational and commercial partnership.

Capital Efficiency :

  • Asset recycling of non-core infrastructure creates an additional source of scarce capital
  • Funds can be used for critical infrastructure upgrades or redeployed for other value enhancing opportunities
  • Platform brings attractive & low cost long term infrastructure funding
  • Innovative model enables off-balance sheet treatment

Specialist Operator :

  • Private sector innovation and value add enhances user experience
  • Long term asset ownership model brings significant risk transfer
  • ARG's core business focus drives improved performance
  • Opportunities for future synergies and value add given specialisation and scale

Operational & Commercial Model :

  • Collaborative approach and long term partnership model
  • No change required to preferred service provider
  • Flexibility and control of operations retained
  • Transparent reporting and inclusive governance model

Our Values

Corporate Governance

Best practice underpins the way we conduct business

Best practice corporate governance is fundamental to our business. That’s why we’ve adopted the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Principles) as a framework for our corporate governance policies.

It’s more than being committed to doing the right thing - it’s about putting the right processes in place and taking appropriate actions to ensure our business is transparent and accountable at all times.

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ARG In The Community

As a company, we’re accountable for the environmental, social and community outcomes of our activities and believe sustainability and community engagement are critical to delivering greater value to our resource counterparties, our investors and all of our stakeholders.

We are continually focused on fostering trust and giving back to the communities that support our business. We are also committed to providing fair and reasonable opportunities for local businesses to work with us.

Indigenous Engagement

We respect indigenous culture and through our partners seek to actively provide opportunities for indigenous engagement in our operations. We are supportive of the governments targets of 3% indigenous employment by 2020 and have developed an Indigenous Action Plan to play our part in delivering and measuring this. This document provides a framework for our engagement and contains specific actions which we have identified to deliver this. Click here to see more.

We have also appointed Warren Mundine to our Advisory Board and he has contributed significantly to this Indigenous Action Plan. Warren is currently Managing Director of NyunggaBlack and Chair of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council. He was previously National President of the Australian Labor Party, National Convenor of the ALP National Indigenous Labor Network and Chair of the ALP (NSW) Indigenous People & Reconciliation Policy Committee. Go to http://www.nyunggablack.com/ to learn more about NyunggaBlack’s vision and services.